Our Mission

IMG_6855 TLR_3470-2TLR_2992We started The Shine Time Foundation, in honor of our 5 year old son, Maddox, who is a pediatric cancer survivor. We remember what it was like to be in the midst of tragedy and uncertainty after Maddox was diagnosed with advanced eye cancer at only 7 months old. During times like that in life, receiving encouragement from others can make all the difference. Our mission through The Shine Time Foundation is to reach out to families who are going through traumatic life circumstances and give them an experience that restores their hope. We create customized “Dreams Come True Days” for children battling cancer or facing other life challenges. We design a themed celebration around the specific interests of each child, and cast them as a star in their own elaborate show. Our students from Higher Vision Studios, as well as other volunteers from the community, come together to build sets and rehearse their roles in these special productions. We give each child the royal treatment with a Hollywood style make over and costume to transform into their chosen character. Then, they step into a magical world where they interact with our cast and complete fun and exciting challenges that ultimately lead them to their desired destination. As they overcome certain obstacles during their journey, each child learns that anything is possible when they believe in themselves and their dreams! An inspirational script is written for each production. Messages of faith, hope, miracles and love are woven throughout each storyline. Whether it is a pirate defeating villains as he travels through the Land of Oz, or a beautiful princess exploring an underwater kingdom on her way to the Ball at the castle, we create a unique experience for each child that revolves around their passions and gives them an opportunity to focus only on the magic and joy surrounding them for that day. After the production portion of the celebration is over, there is food, cake and other activities for everyone to enjoy together. The special guest is given personalized gifts to take home, and we create a video with pictures and footage of the “Dreams Come True Day”, for the family to have as a keepsake. If you would like to contribute to The Shine Time Foundation, please donate using the PayPal button at the top of this page. All contributions are tax deductible and go directly toward creating “Dreams Come True Days” for children in need of hope.