Our Story



Tom & Tara Poey                    Maddox Poey

It is important for us to share our personal story with you so that you understand the true meaning behind Higher Vision Studios and The Maddox Poey Shine Time Foundation. We originally opened our studio under a different name in 1999. Our son, Maddox, was diagnosed with advanced bilateral retinoblastoma (eye cancer in both eyes) in 2011, when he was 7 months old. That was when our lives changed forever.

We were told by the doctors that if our son survived, he would most likely lose one or both of his eyes. Doctors also said that if his eyes were somehow saved, there was no hope that he would regain any vision since the tumors filling his eyes had already caused complete retinal detachment, irreversible damage and permanent scarring. The “best case scenario” we were presented with by Maddox’s team of physicians was that our baby boy would survive, but be blind forever.

We knew it would take a miracle, but we chose to put our faith in God and believe with all of our hearts that Maddox would heal completely and regain his eyesight. Maddox went through six months of chemotherapy, radiation treatment and over 30 surgeries while battling retinoblastoma for three years. The treatments he received put him at an even greater risk of losing his eyes due to hemorrhaging and other damage. At one point, his doctor scheduled eye removal surgery because she had no hope that his right eye could heal from radiation induced retinopathy. We told her that we were going to pray to God for a miracle and he would NOT lose his eye. Four weeks later, when the doctor examined Maddox’s eyes, she was in disbelief as she told us, “His eye has completely healed. God has answered your prayers”.

Not only did Maddox’s eyes miraculously heal from irreversible damage that should have required eye removal, but he is now completely cancer free and has regained excellent vision! He is now known as Maddox “The Miracle” Poey. He is living proof that even the “impossible”
is possible when you believe!

To honor our son and his amazing journey, we made the decision to change the name of our business to HIGHER VISION STUDIOS. Our goal is to not only provide superior instruction at our studio, but also to inspire and instill faith in every student we have the privilege to work with.

We also started a non-profit organization called The Maddox Poey SHINE TIME FOUNDATION, where we host magical parties and provide scholarships for children battling cancer or facing other traumatic life circumstances. For more information about SHINE TIME FOUNDATION, please check out the links above or follow us on Facebook – Shine Time Foundation