Shine Time Kids





Emma was diagnosed with T-Cell A.L.L, a type of Leukemia, on Christmas Day in 2010. As she was nearing the end of her treatments in February of 2013, her younger brother, EJ, was diagnosed with Stage 3 High Risk Neuroblastoma. Only four months after EJ’s diagnosis, their father unexpectedly passed away from complications related to a seizure. Their mother is currently raising 5 children alone. Emma is currently in remission, but EJ continues to battle health problems that have arisen as a result of chemotherapy and radiation. Shine Time Foundation customized a “Superhero Minecraft Bash” especially for EJ, who is a video game loving Captain America fan! We also created a Princess themed “Dreams Come True Day” for Emma, who loves the movie, “Frozen”. After going through SO much heartbreak in the past, we wanted to help this family create new fun filled memories together!




Sofia was holding her father, Dan’s hand last May when he suddenly collapsed from a brain aneurysm. Doctors said that Dan had no brain activity, but as his family surrounded him with love, he defied impossible odds and awoke from a coma. Dan has made amazing progress in his recovery, but is still currently unable to move or talk. Shine Time Foundation gave 4 year old, Sofia, a Princess themed “Dreams Come True Day” to encourage her and her family to keep believing in miracles. During her magical Princess adventure, Sofia followed Ariel through an underwater kingdom, where she encountered various villains, such as Ursula and The Wicked Queen. As she used her magic wand to cast spells on the villains, she also learned that the true key to overcoming challenges in life is to fill up your heart with faith and love and ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS!










11863383_127204350954447_1266123454410899362_nWhen a child loses someone they loved deeply, they are forced to deal with emotions and situations that can take the joy and magic out of their childhood. We wanted to give sweet Lilly a “Dreams Come True Day” that would show her there is still so much joy and magic for her to experience! After Lilly received a glamorous make over, she followed her favorite Disney Princesses on a musical adventure full of dancing and singing. As she completed various challenges, she was ultimately led to the Prince’s Castle where she danced with Prince Charming and discovered DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!